Dinkar Alloys

Nickel 200 Forged Fittings

The Nickel 200 Forged Fittings are made of the best quality products and are designed keeping in mind industry standards and norms. It has good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to several corrosive environments. They find wide uses in chemical industries and is highly demanded too. Our experts ensure that only quality tested products are supplied to the customers. You can avail exciting offers on the product by placing bulk orders.

Chemical Analysis of Nickel Alloy 200 (UNS N02200)

Ni Fe Cu C Mn S Si
99.0 min .40 max .25 max .15 max .35 max .01 max .35 max

Mechanical Properties

Product Form Condition Tensile (ksi) .2% Yield (ksi) Elongation (%) Hardness (HRB)
Rod & Bar Hot Finished 60-85 15-45 55-35 45-80
Rod & Bar Cold Drawn/Annealed or Hot-Finished/Annealed 55-75 15-30 55-40 45-70
Plate Hot-Rolled/Annealed 55-80 15-40 60-40 45-75
Sheet Annealed 55-75 15-30 55-40 70 max
Tube & Pipe Seamless Annealed 55-75 42734 60-40 70 max


  Seamless Pipes / Tubes   ASTM-B-161/163
  Welded Pipes / Tubes   ASTM-B-725/730
  Plates/Sheets   ASTM-B-162
  Bars   ATM-B-160


  Specific weight   8.89 kg/dm3
  Melting range   1435 - 1445o C
  Welding methods   Arc welding, TIG, MIG, autogenous welding, without thermal retreatment (detail on request)
  Product forms   Tubes and pipes, fittings, flanges, plates and sheet bars, forginings, wire.

  Range of application

  Chemical and food industry, loading plants, electrical and electrical and electronical parts, parts and   equipment for aircraft   and rockets, tranducers etc.